Wednesday, April 26, 2006

surprised visit

Donald Rumsfeld surprised everyone, including maybe himself, by showing up unannounced for a visit in Baghdad on Wednesday. Bright eyed and charming, the U.S. Secretary of Defense who is currently targeted for resignation came to 'congratulate' the new prime minister on his smooth appointment and cabinet selection. And also to assure the war-stricken country that American troops would not be sticking around forever.

Later in the day, just when everyone must have been glowing from the surprise, Rumsfeld's friend Condoleeza Rice showed up, also announced - perhaps just as surprised to find herself in Baghdad as Rumsfeld, and hell, the rest of the world.

Why did two of the most senior members of the Bush administration show up on the same day for 'unannounced' visits in Iraq just as the same administration is standing to completely unravel precisely due to the confusion the whole world is feeling about what America is doing in Iraq in the first place?

(I'm not suggesting conspiracy, just wondering what the hell they are trying to achieve? These unannounced visits seem about as pure as a cab driver driving purposefully off a cliff and then offering to drive the victims to the hospital, congratulating them along the way for how well they are holding up.)

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Yoseph Leib said...

maybe they just want to tour and visit, now while they still have a chance. It might be harder later on.