Wednesday, November 07, 2007

on technology

Sometimes, when you want to make a machine work, all you have to do is turn it on.


Tom said...

Hey, I am not commenting about your thought on technology, but on your blog about India. Although I do agree, sometimes you just have to turn it on. I just figured if I wrote a comment here, you'd be more sure to see it.

Anyway, I am an American about to embark on a 5 month solo trip to India and I read your whole blog about India. I had no 5 year plan, rather a 3 week plan and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated finding your blog on google. Its always good to get the perspective of someone that was in my position just a few months before. I wanted to go there totally clueless and just get lost in that place, but you clarified my plans a bit. I didn't want to know too much, I randomly came across your blog and the next thing I knew, I couldn't help it, I read the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

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neuralchaos said...


Although i am not sure I should be writing to Tom here but I am sure if it comes to India, Aliyana would not mind.
I am an Indian but I haven't travelled much in my country to speak the truth. But I have been staying in Germany for over a couple of years now and I intend to go to India with my friends on a totally unplanned trip, so to say, and enjoy whatever comes my way. I am excited because my friends and I will get to see so many new things that even me as a native I have not experienced.

So, my message would be to just go and enjoy it and go east coz it's so beautiful there and rarely so explored as the other parts of India.

neuralchaos said...

@ Aliyana

I have been meaning to write to you for quite a while now but could not find your mail id. Anyway like Tom said posting on this thread would probably have better visibility.

I respect you for the way you have been able to enjoy India although that hardly surprises me. The reason being that you are an Israeli. It is a fact that Isarelis are one of the most travelled people in the world. And India is special to them, isn't it?

Somewhere you said India is amazing. Well I will live upto it as some of my Israeli friends found out. I was in Jerusalem for a conference and loved the look on people's faces when I rattled of names of Berry Sakharof's cds and songs and their numbers on the CDs. Following up were Remy Fortis, Ehud Manoe, The Idan Raichel Project. I love that country to no end and hope to go there soon for the next part of my academic life. When I told my friends from Tel Aviv that I adore that city, they were surprised as well. I can go on with my reasons of loving Israel and hoping to have a house in Dizengoff street but this place (read the comments section) is not meant for that.

O Hev O Tach Tel Aviv!

Bassister said...