Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I love...

I love that in India, men hold hands when they walk down the street.

I love that in India, it's okay - no, it's encouraged - to believe that all is one.

I love how in India, the cows walk like the royalty they are treated as.

I love how in India, people paint "blow horn" on the back of trucks and cars, and use said horn instead of turn signals.

I love how Rishikesh bustles during the day, how its poor are saints and its children are so, so beautiful.

I love how at night, Rishikesh is suddenly so quiet and so clean it is astounding and makes you wonder if you were zapped into a different universe.

I don't love the dogs, which come out at night and nibble on people. I like the monkeys, because I've never really rubbed elbows with them before, but I don't like the way they jump without warning and sometimes make beautiful little Indian babies cry.

I love the tabla, but it is very, very hard.

I love that Rishikesh, in less than a week, has become so comfortable to me despite the fact that so much about it is so different than anything I've ever experienced.


Simone said...

I love how you love Rishkesh! Or at least how you write about it!

Love from Jerusalem

Simone Yones and Little E

maxis said...

me too spent 5 years in rishikesh as a dental student in sdch..and me too deeply in love with this city...and actually my home place is 100miles from rishikesh but i actually miss it a lot